Apple Watch Series 8 Review

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest version of the popular smartwatch and offers advanced health sensors and apps. It is capable of tracking blood oxygen levels, ECG, and even the menstrual cycle. It also has features like Crash Detection, sleep stage tracking, and advanced workout metrics. If you’re looking for an exercise watch that will help you stay on track, the Apple Watch is the perfect option.

Crash detection is a new feature on Apple Watch Series 8

The new Crash Detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 8 can help protect you and your passengers from accidents. It works with the help of high-g-force accelerometers and a fusion algorithm trained on real-world car crashes to recognize the signs of an accident. It also utilizes the built-in microphone and GPS to provide accurate location information. Using this data, the Apple Watch can notify emergency services. However, this feature is only available on the SE model of the Apple Watch.

Apple says that the new feature is designed to detect severe car crashes. The company claims it can detect front-impact collisions, side-impact collisions, rear-end collisions, rollovers, and more. The Apple Watch Series 8 is equipped with dual-core accelerometers that can detect a crash with a force of up to 256Gs.

The new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation) will automatically detect car crashes. If a severe crash occurs, the watch will alert emergency services and notify emergency contacts. In some cases, the device will even contact emergency services on the user’s behalf if the user is unresponsive. Crash detection is free and can help save lives in many situations.

It lets you make an emergency call

If you’re in an emergency, your Apple Watch Series 8 has the capability to call 911. While you’re in silent mode, you can push the button to call emergency services. This will play an audio message, display a Medical ID badge, and call emergency services for you. This feature works even without cellular service in some countries. To see if it’s available in your area, visit the watchOS website.

The Apple Watch is equipped with a GPS + Cellular chip. It can also track AirTags. This means that you can call emergency services all over the world. But, it’s important to remember that if you’re traveling, some cellular networks may not accept emergency calls from Apple Watch. You’ll also need to make sure your Apple Watch is activated and set up for cellular service.

The Emergency Call feature can be turned on or off in different settings. After a 30-second countdown, the Apple Watch will begin calling emergency services. If you’re not sure you’re in need of emergency assistance, you can cancel the call by tapping your wrist several times.

It has 50M water resistance

The Apple Watch has a degree of water resistance, but it isn’t waterproof. That said, you can wear your Apple Watch while swimming or exercising in the rain. The Apple Watch Series 2 has water resistance up to 50 meters and the newer series is IP6X dust resistant. These watches have new features, including temperature sensors and two motion sensors. The new Apple Watch is also equipped with a Crash Detection feature.

The water resistance of the Apple Watch Series 8 is good for swimming, but it’s not rated for repeated high-energy impacts. While swimming in the pool is perfectly safe, it’s not advisable to perform extreme activities or use the watch while in the ocean. It’s also best to avoid the watch while in saunas, steam rooms, and other environments with harsh chemicals. If you must use the Apple Watch while swimming, try using the Nike sports loop or the standard silicone strap.

The water resistance rating of the Apple Watch is 50M, which makes it ideal for swimming or doing water sports in shallow waters. However, you should not use your Apple Watch in any extreme activity like scuba diving, water skiing, or deep sea diving. Apple recommends that you rinse off your Apple Watch with fresh water after a swim, and rotate the Digital Crown a few times to get rid of debris.

It has a nice-looking box

The new Apple Watch Series 8 comes packaged in a long, slender box. It contains the Apple Watch, band, and magnetic charging puck. It also comes with a USB C cable and a set of booklets. The box design resembles that of the Series 7 model. It looks premium and stylish.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a stainless-steel finish. It is also available in an aluminum model. This version has a Product Red color option. Like the previous generation, the Apple watch has been upgraded to incorporate various health-tracking features. It can take ECG measurements from the wrist and monitor blood oxygen levels. It is also the first Apple watch to feature a temperature sensor. This feature monitors your wrist temperature overnight and alerts you if it is outside of a certain range. You’ll have to set up the watch for five nights before it can begin monitoring your temperature.

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with an interchangeable band. The leather bands, available for $99, match the premium materials. The band is magnetically adjustable. Another option is the Milanese Loops band ($99), which replaces the leather bands with metal ones.

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