Increase YouTube Videos in 5 Easy Steps

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of video editing? Is it costly equipment, high-tech software, and complex techniques? To know about 4K YouTube to MP3 Converters,

If that’s what you were thinking, you’d be mistaken.

You can immediately improve your YouTube videos by following these five simple steps. click here

Step #1

Make your video more visually appealing by including graphics or text. To begin, shoot your video and leave enough space in the shot to make your changes.

Once you’ve finished shooting, simply upload your video to your computer and make the necessary changes in your editing software; most computer operating systems include a plethora of great movie tools as standard; however, if you want to add a bit more oomph, you can get some excellent aftermarket software.

I use Camtasia for editing, but many other good options are available. Once inside your video editing software, there are numerous options for adding text and images to your shot; from there, you can resize and add cool effects.

Step #2

Closed captions (“cc”) should be added to your videos. It is another excellent way to improve your YouTube videos; it benefits people who are deaf or hard of hearing and allows your audience to follow your story more closely.

Including closed captions in your videos improves your ranking in search results. Because Google owns YouTube, your video is immediately ranked in search results, doubling your chances of being found. So adding closed captions to your YouTube videos will pay off right away.

To upload your closed captions, sign in to your YouTube account, then go to video manager and select the edit option for the video. Once you select the edit option for the video, choose the captions option from the top menu and follow the instructions. It may be preferable to outsource this task because it can become tedious.

Step #3

Another excellent way to improve your YouTube videos is to change the setting. It breaks up the monotony and keeps your audience’s attention; it adds motion and helps your audience stay with you throughout your shot. In addition, a simple change in the background gives your videos a sense of theater and prevents your audience from becoming bored.

Step #4

Add some good lighting; good lighting can make or break the quality of your videos; shadows can give the appearance of blurred images and make your work look amateurish. A simple solution is to use sunlight. I always shoot a few outtakes and then review them to see how adequate the lighting is and whether or not it needs to be adjusted.

Consider artificial lighting; simple clamp-on lights are very effective and save you the trouble of purchasing expensive equipment.

Step #5

Include music in your videos. Music and sound effects are excellent for adding impact and excitement.

Imagine speaking about an explosion with bombs going off in the background; it sends the message home. Music is excellent for changing the tempo; some calm, soothing music relaxes your audience, while some fast-paced heavy metal music gets everyone’s adrenalin pumping.

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