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Lighting the Way: How to Brighten Up Your Home and Improve your mood

Who doesn’t enjoy spending time at home, organizing, curating, and designing their living space to improve their mental and physical wellness and get rid of any stress? You might consider decorating your home as a hobby or as a way to make your surroundings appear nice and tidy. 

You may have noticed a difference when living in a home with old paint and then unexpectedly painting your walls. In the same way, changing the interior of your home or decorating it with plants, photos, curtains, posters, and other decorative objects will improve your home. For greater lighting effects, you may use things like hanging fairy lights, string lights, lamps, lanterns, falling lights- around your mirror or on your wall, lighting candles, DIY, changing all of your lights to brighter tube lights, all fancy lights like LED, etc. After that, your surroundings will seem positively refreshed and entirely peaceful. 

You can also use different lights or colors to brighten your place Temple, which will undoubtedly make your heart feel better and make every negative vibe around you vanish. The correct lighting in your environment can promote harmony and evoke particular emotional states, such as melancholy or tiredness, or particular cognitive abilities, such as productivity or efficiency. Smart interior and architectural designers have realized the significance of controlling light to produce a mood just like in escape rooms

Let’s examine how to decorate your home so that it enhances your mood- 

  • If you have openings, open the blinds/curtains during the day–  

Sunlight is the best source for interior decoration. You may let in more light by simply drawing the drapes back or decorating them to hang on the sides of the window, which will also make your window seem extremely lovely.  

The advantages of having natural light at home are numerous- 

  • Good mood 
  • Cost-effective energy use
  • Increased comfort from less eye-straining
  • Improved efficiency
  • Advantages for indoor plants
  • Decreased stress and anxiety 
  • Advantages for health
  • Better sleep 
  • Increased home value, etc. 

However, be careful to install some additional lighting to make up for any gaps in natural light if necessary. 

  • Choose some decorative lighting for your room.  

These can be a nightlight, ceiling lamps, Diwali lights, wall lights, and LED bulbs.  Both brightness and colour temperature can be used to gauge lamp illumination. Consider using smart lightbulbs that let you plan settings for colour temperature and brightness and alter them remotely to advance your lighting setup. Dimmable lights on separate switches allow you to replicate brilliant noontime lighting and early morning lighting because you might not need brightness at night. You won’t experience any discomfort when the time changes because it is adjusted according to the time; 

  • Decorate your mirror 

The best item in your room is a mirror. You may decorate it in a variety of ways, and depending on how it reflects the space, it can make a significant difference. To distribute natural light into the darker areas of your home, try hanging or positioning mirrors next to your windows or even on the opposite wall from them. Angle the mirrors towards the ceiling to reduce layers and increase light dispersion throughout the room. 

The greatest approach to bringing sunlight into your room is through a mirror because it is essential to maintaining a good mood. 

Sunlight has several positive health effects, including producing vitamin D, increasing bone health, decreasing blood pressure, avoiding disease, and improving mental wellness. 

So make sure that sunshine enters your room to lessen the space’s gloom and darkness. 

  • Examine dappled lighting. 

When sunlight passes through a tree’s leaf, it creates dappled light. It has been demonstrated to support nervous system relaxation. The advantages of diffused sunlight can also be attained by placing a table lamp next to a plant to throw shadows, hanging a pendant or bare bulb with a shade that casts shadows, or both. Your troubles with rage will diminish as a result, and you’ll experience mental clarity and a joyful disposition. It goes without saying that if your surroundings are natural, spotless, and lovely, you will feel fresh and happy from the inside out. 


Try implementing these tips to control your home’s brightness and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. You can also participate in an escape room experience, where you’ll have a fun-filled adventure and see how lighting effects are set up by pros to create a happy environment for its participants and how that affects how they feel. 

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