Top 7 Video Games of All Time

IGN’s Top 100 game list contains the most popular games across all generations, including handhelds, desktops, and consoles. Our list has seen a significant update since 2019, with many new titles that have merited inclusion. Also, we looked at all 100 of the top 100 games as they stood and asked a few key questions. We saw some old favorites disappearing, and we also discovered other gems that we missed.

Our top 100 games need to be judged on a few key metrics. How great a game was when it launched and how much it still plays today. And how well the game represents its class. Previous versions of the list placed a great deal of emphasis on a title’s impact and popularity. However, we have taken that out. Many games that were influential and inspired the next generation of developers won’t be around for long and may not be worth your time. Other games may have surpassed them.

IGN’s list contains the current staffs 100 top games. A collection of games that continue their story, inspire us with game design, and set new standards for the industry.

1. Pacman

In the gaming business, Pacman games are a great value in addition to celebrating their silver jubilee. Many people are still interested in these video gaming consoles. However, because to modern technology, they may now be played on video game consoles. Google designed a brand-new game for gamers as part of an anniversary celebration in honour of the firm’s 30th birthday. It has garnered a lot of notoriety and the trust of its fans as a result of its industry leadership, reliability, and focus on consumers.

2. Divinity and Original Sin 2

Divinity – Original Sin 2 provided me with the solution I needed when I was tired of Dungeons. I’ve recommended it since to all my D&D parties and they all came back with the same opinion: Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the best D&D adventure you can have from a videogame. It is extremely repayable and has an abundant story. Premade characters each have their own storylines. How things pan out depends on how players act, race, backstory choices, and many other factors. DOS2 has something for everyone, regardless of their class or difficulty level. It’s a fun fantasy world where you can get lost no matter what.

3. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is a great JRPG. Many of its achievements, however, have been lost to the winds and technological advances. However, the series’ beloved status has not been affected by its age. That is because of its cast of well-rounded, emotional characters that take you on a journey through one world that has emerged from Japan’s development scene. Square’s clever pacing allows you to easily fall for its ragtag band of ecoterrorists. Next, it introduces the main villain, Sephiroth. Finally, Square focuses the story more on your personal stakes, despite a looming apocalypse. The overall story is very heavy but Square thrives on its eccentricities. There are many bizarre enemies, hilarious minigames, and enormous swords. Final Fantasy VII is known for its blend of light and shadow.

4. Assassin’s Creed IV – Black Flag

There are many entries within the Assassin’s creed franchise that could make it to the Top 100. However, Black Flag was a great experience for us doubloons. AC4 is the perfect blend of stealth-focused mission structuring and massive open-world exploration that gave the series its origins. Its naval combat as well as oceanic expedition offered hours of entertainment, and there has never been a guest star to rival the likes Mary Read or Blackbeard. 

5. Monkey Island II: Chuck’s Revenge

Monkey Island 2 arrived, we were familiar with Guy brushThree wood’s identity so we knew exactly what to expect. Or so we thought. Ron Gilbert, the creator, decided to throw everyone out of control. Monkey Island 2 was ended in a carnival. It left us wondering whether all that had happened in the first two games occurred in a boy’s imagination. Or if the ending itself was just another Chuck curse. However, the story, humor, and pace were all improved for this chapter. It is undoubtedly one of Lucas Arts best adventure games.

6. Burnout 3 is Takedown

Burnout 3 is a timeless classic. Point of Impact, its predecessor, had perfected this balance of high-speed driving and vehicular destruction. But Takedown made it a reality. This was one game that you could easily spend hours on, alone or with your friends. You can wreck a friend’s friendship faster than wrecking their ride just before the finish. But, it was (usually) all forgotten when you play the next round in Crash Mode.

7. Fallout 2

Fallout 2 begins as a tribesman who has nothing more than a shirt and a spear. Over time, I am able to fight my way to becoming a powerful, gauss-gunning killer machine. This is a natural progression feeling that few games can match. Exploring a massive post-apocalyptic planet full of super mutants and deadly raiders can be overwhelming but also exciting. The world feels very personal and vivid, thanks to its atmospheric music, strong morally ambiguous writings, voice-acted interactions and key characters. 

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