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Ways to Make an Exceptional Business Web Portfolio

If you want to attract clients, then highlight your qualities and services. One way to do that is by building a professional portfolio that sets you apart from your rivals. Businesses now place their exemplary work on display on their websites. Further, they encourage clients to look into the services and make up their minds to do business.

A good portfolio offers transparency. It means your client trusts you enough with a complicated project or task at hand. Nowadays, the internet has made it easier for everyone to reach out to prospective businesses that give nothing but quality in return.

Checklist for a Business Portfolio

Distinguish your business with a viable and authentic portfolio. Switch from a traditional paper-based portfolio and jump to the digital interface. Facilitate your clients in the following ways:

  1. Include About Section

Your website is what every client will look at. It is a digital gateway to your shop! Therefore, it should include an engaging and creative ‘about us’ section that informs about your products and services. Further, make it interactive with correct visual elements that encourage a user to browse some more!

Additionally, your about section can also include testimonials of satisfied clients and some examples of the work you offer. 

  1. Customer Reviews

Browse through any service provider’s website and you will see customer reviews and ratings pop up. For example, Glowza Digital, a video animation service provider, includes a comprehensive list of customer testimonials that helps it offer services to clients.

Additionally, your web portfolio must also include a list of certifications and recommendations by satisfied organizations. It will increase your credibility and enhance brand value in your client’s eyes.

  1. Highlight Features

Next is to highlight key features and services you offer. A web portfolio should showcase your strong points and what value addition you can give to your clients. Further, you must add descriptions of your work. A detailed outline of each work can let your client understand you a lot more.

Therefore, give context to each of your works. After all, your portfolio is something that will determine the future trajectory of your business!

  1. Clear CTAs

Next is to include concise call-to-actions. Your description should let the potential client in on your way of doing business. A one-page portfolio can be beneficial because a certain client reaches out to you willingly on the given contact details to ask more about your work. Subsequently, you can give different samples of your work depending on a client’s business.

Therefore, provide your contact details so that a client reaches out to you easily. Remember, communication is the key here. So, get an outstanding result with clearly defined goals!

  1. Layout and Content

Make a compelling portfolio with the perfect layout and content. Since it will be web-based, your outlook of the homepage and landing pages should be exceptional. Add attractive visual elements that strengthen your portfolio.

Write engaging content that is witty and creative. Instead of monotonous and boring passages, write in a way that informs the client about your work readily. A briefly written content that is catchy is more appealing than an exhaustive description.

  1. Provide Links

Next is to provide external links on your website. It is essential to let your clients know that you are easy to approach and accessible. Therefore, provide links to your social media accounts where you present your quality work.

Further, include links to landing pages that guide the client about your nature of work. It can be case studies or a list of clients that you previously worked with. It will surely authenticate your business and rightly guide your customers.

  1. Open to Challenges

Your portfolio must remain dynamic. It means diving deep into your nature of work and expanding your services. In this way, you can attract a vast number of clients to your doorstep!

For example, if you are an animation service provider, you should be open to a broad range of styles. It is where your portfolio and sample work will inform the clients of how you are up for challenges. Additionally, it will make you versatile and give a positive impression to your customers.

  1. Perfect UI/UX

A web-based portfolio needs to be presentable. Bring out information in a format that is seamless and winning. Therefore, use the correct font and font size that brings out important information at the forefront. 

Take the example of video animation service providers or graphic design studios. Providers like Glowza Digital and Yum Yum Videos are leaving a considerable mark with their stellar digital interfaces. Look at the ease with which they let customers browse through the website.

Take away

A web-based portfolio will decrease your promotional cost! Because your samples will let everyone know what you are on about. And your website should have a story to tell. So, create an exemplary web portfolio that attracts the right client that brings them something new. In the end, it is all about your work style and the range of services you provide.

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