What is the Importance of Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

Should you buy YouTube watch time or not? Or what are the benefits of buying YouTube watch time that impacts your channel? 

This article summarizes everything you need to know about buying YouTube watch time. It also emphasizes how you can purchase watch time or subscribers. Purchasing watch time on YouTube can get you smoothly qualified for monetization within time.

How can buying YouTube watch time impact your channel?

Every individual has their outcomes of buying YouTube watch time on their channel. Buying watch time and subscribers for your YouTube channel increases the credibility and visibility of YouTube channel. This allows you to work effectively and quickly to monetize your channel’s income. Five advantages of buying YouTube watch time are given below. 

 Eligibility of Monetization.

The most significant advantage of buying subscribers or watch time is that your channel qualifies for monetization(income). The only requirement at the initial point is 4000 hours minimum of watch time on your videos in the 12 months and 1000 subscribers to become eligible for monetization on youtube.

Buying YouTube watch time increases your monetization eligibility which entails having at least 1000 subscribers or 4000 watch hours in the last year months.

Monetization on YouTube contains many more benefits, like sponsored content, in-stream ads, crowdfunding, branded merchandise, and many more! Therefore, getting qualified for monetization opens up many avenues for earning via your YouTube channel. 

Increase in views.

Another essential advantage of buying YouTube watch time is increasing your channel’s overall user engagement. This leads to more likes, comments, views, and thumbs-ups on your videos.

With more awesome YouTube subscribers and watch time, your channel will become more credible and visual to users on the search engine. Credible media can reach a following high target.

Your videos will be at the top of YouTube search results. 

Buying watch time and subscribers can increase your channel’s overall credibility. Your videos may get more visibility on YouTube’s search results. This means that your content will appear amongst all top searches when individuals search for suitable keywords on the search engine. 

This is the secret behind many famous YouTubers’ success stories because the top results receive the most views, comments, likes, thumbs-ups, and shares on other social media platforms.

SEO optimization 

One more benefit of buying youtube subscribers and watching time is that in addition to showing up in the top search results on YouTube, your content would also show up in other search engines such as Google, bing, or yahoo.

SEO optimization can help you go a long way regarding more major visibility on not just YouTube but also Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

However, you must ensure that your content is optimized for seo with relevant keywords for this to happen.

Credibility for in-stream ads, crowdfunding, sponsorships, merchandise, and crowdfunding

Buying watch time or subscribers on YouTube also increases your channel’s credibility for potential advertisement companies and sponsorship of your specific audience.

In-stream ads

With greater visibility and credibility resulting from increased watch hours, advertisers would be more likely to approach you.


Moreover, sponsors usually trust believable YouTube channels with many subscribers and watch hours to market their products, services, or brand. YouTube does not take any fees or cut from the money you have made from sponsored content compared to in-stream ads. Therefore, this is the most helpful way to monetize your YouTube channel. However, it requires credibility, a big following, and thousands of watch hours. 

Branded Merchandise

With a credible channel, you can also sell your own branded merchandise. This is also an excellent way to monetize your YouTube channel because YouTube again does not take any fees or cuts for merchandise you may sell via your YouTube channel!


With a credible channel, your audience is more likely to trust you and be willing to invest in your projects! Crowdfunding from YouTube subscribers and fans is one of the most recent and popular ways to monetize on YouTube. 

Is it worth buying YouTube watch time?

It’s debatable content that buying watch time is a better idea or not. On youtube, there are many channels with more watch hours than subscribers for that amount of watch time. Many channels go viral, increasing their watch time, but their following growth mostly stays the same. 

However, this may not work well for you because your watch hours are relatively high compared to the number of subscribers. The number of subscribers is equally crucial for sponsors, partners, and audiences and buying your merchandise in terms of your channel’s credibility.

In Conclusion 

Conclusively, it would be best to buy YouTube watch time or subscribers to become eligible for monetization. Greater credibility leads to greater visibility on YouTube, increasing your views, likes, comments, and thumbs down/thumbs up ratio on content posted later. 

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