Will buying 100K Spotify Plays grow my artist profile?


Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, making it one of the most vulnerable to botting services.

It is difficult to break into the music industry. The competition is fierce, and getting your music on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists can be difficult. As a result, purchasing streams might be highly appealing, if only to increase your visibility and help more people discover your music. Unfortunately, purchasing Spotify plays may be a time-consuming and scary process. 

How to Purchase Spotify Plays?

When you’ve picked which service to use to get your plays, go to the website and click on the ‘Buy Spotify Plays’ link. However, the specific approach will differ depending on your website. You’d need to take the following steps:

  1. Choose a package. On the website, numerous packages will be available, each with a different amount of plays for a different fee. Some will even offer targeted, and Premium play and return guarantees. Choose the best plan for your needs and budget, then click ‘Buy Now.’
  2. Go to the Spotify website in a new tab.
  3. After looking for the song, playlist, album, or podcast, you want to promote, copy the URL from the address bar.
  4. In the field supplied by the botting provider, enter the URL of your single, playlist, album, or podcast.
  5. The website will direct you to the payment gateway when you click “Next.” Use your preferred payment option to complete the purchase.

How do I expand my artist page on Spotify?

  1. Don’t Buy Followers
  2. Promote Your Spotify On Social Media 
  3. Refresh your artist page
  4. Publish music more frequently
  5. Add Your Music To Playlists On Spotify
  6. Approach Spotify Playlist Curators With Your Music
  7. Develop Your Playlists And Promote Them
  8. Make Your Art Pop 
  9. Encourage Fans, Family, And Friends To Become Spotify Followers
  10.  Make Use Of Keywords To Make Your Playlist Easy To Find
  11. When you perform live, promote your Spotify account

Why it’s crucial to have Spotify plays?

In terms of audio streaming, Spotify truly revolutionised the industry. With the use of technologies like Spotify for Artists and numerous others, it uses its vast dataset to comprehend users perfectly, assist its artists in expanding their fan bases, and encourage people to become more engaged with their art.

You must first understand that streams are the data equivalent of the forbidden fruit. They are the product of the effort you put into making your song. If you did a good job or not, and if you put enough effort into your release and the marketing aspect, plays will tell you. Additionally, they are the precise indicator that directly correlates to your sales growth.

Why Should You Purchase Spotify Plays to Develop Your Talent?

While having your music on Spotify has numerous advantages, you also need to do many things to market your music there and stand out from the crowd and competitors. Spotify promotion services can help you in this situation. These services assist musicians in growing their fan base, streaming audience, and monthly listeners. For new artists, purchasing Spotify promotion has several advantages. Here are several justifications for expanding your Spotify:

  1. Having a vast audience exposed to your music via carefully curated playlists

Typically, your music is only discovered after becoming famous on selected Spotify playlists. Although this may seem like a minor accomplishment, completing it in this day and age is necessary to become noticed as a new musician. Playlists have listeners who often appreciate similar music. Creating playlists for your music can aid in gaining new fans and listeners.

  1. You can achieve increased social proof by purchasing plays and follows.

Massive follower/stream numbers serve as social evidence and draw new listeners. People may listen to your music when they visit your artist account if you have impressive statistics.


  1. A high Spotify ranking can open doors for you as an artist.

You can tell you’re progressing when you buy 5000 Spotify plays, followers, and monthly listeners, and your metrics start to mount up. It could mark a turning point in your growth as a budding artist. Your numbers will probably put you on significant labels’ and top gatekeepers’ radars, which might lead to many chances.

  1. The First boost

You can get the initial push you need to increase your fan base by purchasing Spotify marketing. Every new artist begins with 0 listeners and works their way up; nevertheless, this initial step is typically the most challenging for artists. But today and age, it is a beautiful thing that organisations like Streambeet exist to support musicians at the start of their careers and give them a push.

What do artists get paid for Spotify Plays?

Every artist should know the answer to this, I suppose. What do I receive after 1000 plays? How much is it, then? The million plays, what about them?

Here are the findings of the statistics.

Spotify typically pays musicians between $0.001 and $0.008 for each stream.

Why does that matter? You can anticipate making between $1,000 and $8,000 if your music is streamed one million times on Spotify.

The typical cost to stream music on Spotify in the US is $0.004. If your song is played for at least 30 seconds, you will get paid $4,000 for 1 million views. That seems reasonable, no?

You could wonder why they pay you between $0.001 and $0.008 and why it is all so perplexing. What will you receive at the end of the day?

It’s difficult to say because a lot of variables, including your location, the number of subscribers you have, how frequently they play your tunes, etc., are involved. The royalties are typically split 70/30, meaning 70% goes to the artist/rights holders and 30% to Spotify. The rights holders can include the publisher, songwriter, and master recording owners (i.e., the artist or label if they’re signed to a label).

Many music industry representatives feel that Spotify royalties need to be larger, and the specifics of how they are determined aren’t always clear.

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